Online Dating vs. Cold Approach: How to Date Women?

Dating is already a part of the human mating process where two different people meet for companionship and go beyond the level of being more than friends. It aims to assess the suitability of each other as a partner when it comes to the intimate relationship or who knows, marriage.

It could be some type of courtship which is consisted of social activities which are needed to be done by the couple. With this single term which has plenty of other meanings, this usually refers to as the act of meeting then engaging in a mutually agreed social activity in public, as a couple.

But which can guarantee good results: online dating or cold approach? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and we will tackle them in this post.

In today’s digital age, the popularity of online dating apps and sites continue to increase. They offer an apparently limitless supply of possible sexual partners that can be easily accessed with just a click of a mouse. Though it gives singles a good dating result, some men prefer approaching girls personally.


Online Dating

Dating women online provides some men with excellent experiences and satisfying relationships, while others have frustrating and confusing stories. What makes online dating a great advantage for men is an easy access, communication and matching.

All you need to do is search for a woman whom you think fits perfectly with your interests, personality or compatibility. You can be able to meet numerous women from different parts of the globe. But since the options are massive, you may find it quite difficult to stumble on your ideal woman. Matching is a complex process and testing might be inaccurate for everyone.

With patience and good luck, you can potentially meet the woman of your dream, a testimony of some online dating seekers. Many online sites and apps are readily accessible these days, hence, the overwhelming and confusing feeling of choosing a potential partner will be reduced.


Cold Approach

This is classified as when a man walks up to a woman whom he completely unfamiliar with. She may have seen the man with a pre-selection or social proof already. In other words, the only way you can meet a woman is to walk up alone and greet her with a warm smile.

Most of the dating advice tends to rely on cold approach for dating women as it can guarantee an effective result. With this approach, men will have no restriction when it comes to meeting women as many as they want. Also, they can develop a set of skills that can help them in areas outside of pick up.

Of course, there are downfalls in cold approach. One of them is having difficulty in meeting new women since most of them tend to be unreceptive and distrustful of strangers.


Online Dating and Cold Approach: Which is better?

Though online dating, you can generate the result you want. Yet again, the cold approach still has an edge. You will not only meet many women, but will create attraction as well.

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