This Is How Many Dates You Should Wait to Have Sex?

How long should you wait to have sex in a relationship? The three dates to have sex is out. Know how many dates you need before stepping on the bed with your potential girlfriend/boyfriend or current girlfriend/boyfriend!

When it comes to dating, there are certainly no fast and difficult rules. Generally, there are rules we adhere to so we don’t completely mess it up. Many find it interesting and confusing when the best time is to have sex with your new partner or with a person you are dating. According to a research, many people believe in the traditional “three-date rule”. However, there is a new date rule you must stick with to ensure a happy, successful relationship.


So, how long will you really need to wait to have sex?

We might be living in the period of changing of partners and hookup apps, but a recent study tells that new couples need to wait until the date eight before doing the deed. This assures relationship success, as claimed by it.

Women would prefer waiting until date eight before hoping into the bed with their loved one, while men considered sex is possible to happen from date five to the fore. For instance, some preferred to do it on the first date. Part of the survey claims that everything has decelerated, including kissing.

Also in date eight, a man and woman may have likely connected on other levels, such as interesting ways they want to spend time together, and hitting some important milestones. This is an important step towards having a contented love life in the long run.

Age can also be an essential factor, with 18 to 24 years old men saying that they would do it on the first date. Among older women, love and sex are closely tied together in most cases. By contrast, a small percentage of men with similar age would are willing to wait until they are in love before committing themselves in sex.

We do not necessarily oblige you to wait until date eight before sharing the same bed with your partner, this is just a recommendation. The decision is still up to you – do whatever you want that you think will strengthen your relationship with him or her. After all, there is no right time.

One good tip is to be ready all the time. Hookups are not planned all the time. You might go out for a coffee or a movie and suddenly somebody becomes interested to live the moment with you which you might accept. If this happens, you wanted to be at the best of yourself. You got to have the perfect underwear to showoff, fresh breath, and all the good stuff.


The Bottomline

Sex is a great bonding or loving experience especially when you do it with the right person. May this post help you get a better idea of how quickly you should have sex with your partner.

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