Why is 50 shades of grey so popular?

There are many people who are still curious about the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey. The book has become so famous to fiction enthusiast and even to non-readers. In fact, the movie adapted from the book also hits the blockbuster list worldwide. So, what is so special about it?


Here are five interesting reasons why the 50 shades of Grey is so popular;

1. Love Story is A Magnet

Everyone has a strong desire of finding one true love and the book reminds us so much of that wish. Every good love story is a magnet. Definitely, the 50 Shades of Grey story is a good one. If you are already in love, you have already experience euphoria. It is a state of feeling of overjoy, happiness, and overwhelming excitement. It is like you have a butterfly in your stomach whenever you see someone dear to you. The head over heels feeling of Mr. Grey to Ms. Steele is literally felt by our bones. When it comes to love, we are vulnerable.

2. Complicated Love

In our life, we don’t want complications but no matter how hard we do, there are still complications. Work, time, distance, and even the people around us make it hard for us to love uncomplicated. The story is so complicated and almost exhausting. The office politics, overwhelming material offerings, haunting past, etc. We can all relate to these dramatic complications in our own love story.

3. Sugar-coated Porn Book

Even the world is liberated, there are still judgmental people around who will criticize you from reading or watching sexual-related stories. Porn isn’t bad after all, the book is literally not all about sexual desires but it has a very interesting plot. Readers, especially women are ashamed that someone might accuse them of reading a porn book in public so this book is a good example of a book that has sexual topics but it is basically a love story.

4. The Masculinity of Mr. Grey

Who doesn’t want the thoughtfulness of Mr. Grey? Every woman is dreaming about to be the center of a man’s world, that obsession is very strong in every one of us and like Grey, we expressed it in the best possible way we could.

5. Intense Intimacy

We all know that intimacy is part of a long-lasting relationship. Many good relationships are being destroyed due to lack of intimacy, or awareness. The book educates people what sex really means and how important it is to have that mutual feeling and understanding of sex. The book shows a dark side of Mr. Grey when it comes to sadistic sex but how Steele acknowledged his needs is showing us that love conquers all. We all want that kind of deeper understanding and passion on our relationships.

We are all dreaming of a love that lasts forever but we know that like Grey and Steele, there are real-life problems we have to deal with. We can relate to what they are going through, they represent our inner desire that is why we are so hooked into the story.

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